Doing every good work in perilous times.

Urban Missions exists to shine a light for Jesus Christ in the life of those who live in the shadows of our most prosperous cities. These corners of need are the dark places where Jesus went, and where today our churches are establishing communities of empathy and hope.


Transforming lives together in urban communities through Christ-centered strategies.


Transforming lives together in urban communities through Evangelizing, Equipping, and Empowering.


Evangelizing urban communities by sharing the love of God with our neighbors.


Equipping urban communities by making disciples who will live healthy Christian
lives and make more disciples.


Empowering urban communities to raise up local leaders to transform their communities together.

Urban Missions Neighborhoods

At and below poverty incomes

Majority single-parent homes

High school graduation rates below 10%

Highest infant mortality rates in nation

High homeless populations


Urban Missions Solutions

Daycare and after-school programs

Infant crisis services

Youth mentoring services

Job training and apprenticeship programs

Community development initiatives


Learn more about this grassroots movement of urban Church of God congregations.

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