General Director’s Office

  • Jim Lyon General Director
  • Matt Rust
    Matt Rust Executive Project Manager for the General Director
  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller Executive Assistant to the General Director

Chief of Staff’s Office

  • Ben Shular
    Ben Shular Chief of Staff
  • Kaylyn Manning
    Kaylyn Manning Executive Assistant to Ben Shular


  • Jen Neal
    Jen Neal Chief Financial Officer
  • Jamil Al-Rabadi
    Jamil Al-Rabadi Senior Accountant
  • Alex Sheward
    Alex Sheward Finance Specialist
  • Paula Walford
    Paula Walford Staff Accountant
  • Justin Woolsey
    Justin Woolsey Controller


  • Jason McClendon
    Jason McClendon Executive Director of Advancement
  • Darryl Allen
    Darryl Allen Advancement Director
  • Mark Fast
    Mark Fast Advancement Director

Events & Christians Broadcasting Hope

  • John Walters
    John Walters Convention Producer and CBH Director
  • Jared Powell
    Jared Powell Mass Media Specialist
  • Chrislyn Reed
    Chrislyn Reed Events Administrative Assistant

Global Strategy

  • M. Andrew Gale
    M. Andrew Gale Executive Director of Global Strategy
  • Lizzie Butler
    Lizzie Butler Missionary Specialist
  • Stephen R. Lewis
    Stephen R. Lewis Associate Director of Global Strategy
  • Erin Rockhill
    Erin Rockhill Executive Assistant to Global Strategy
  • Keith Spencer
    Keith Spencer Missionary Specialist
  • Michaela Urban
    Michaela Urban Projects & Disaster Relief Specialist
  • Joshua Weiger
    Joshua Weiger Associate Director of Global Strategy

Leadership Focus

  • Lori Fast
    Lori Fast Executive Director of Leadership Focus
  • Jeannette Flynn
    Jeannette Flynn Associate Executive Director of Leadership Focus


  • Alecia Swoope
    Alecia Swoope Chief Operating Officer
  • Deb Gwaltney
    Deb Gwaltney Legal Liaison
  • Charity Harvey
    Charity Harvey Customer Care Director
  • Ra’Lynn Kelley
    Ra’Lynn Kelley Digital Media Specialist
  • J.R. Robbins
    J.R. Robbins Information Security and Systems Director
  • Alyse Simon
    Alyse Simon Director of Atlas
  • Carl Stagner
    Carl Stagner Writer/Editor
  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams Communications Coordinator

US & Canada Strategy

  • Handel Smith
    Handel Smith Executive Director of US & Canada Strategy
  • Ryan Chapman
    Ryan Chapman Associate Director of US & Canada Strategy
  • Joe Cookston
    Joe Cookston CARE Director
  • Courtney Porter
    Courtney Porter Executive Assistant to US & Canada Strategy
  • Bambi Rector
    Bambi Rector Engagement Team
  • Cathy Rickard
    Cathy Rickard Engagement Team - Mail Coordinator


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