By Mark Jackson Editor’s note—Views expressed in the following op-ed do not necessarily reflect those of Church of God Ministries, Inc., or its affiliates. We publish op-ed features to provoke thought, stimulate healthy discussion, and inspire us to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. We’ve asked to hear from a […]

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Love in Any Language: Pennsylvania Church Puts Unity into Practice

By Carl Stagner With the ordination of their two Spanish-speaking ministers last fall, one Pennsylvania church has reminded their community of Carlisle that unity is more than mere talk. They’ve moved beyond doctrine as theory alone, proving Jesus is the subject as they put unity into practice. Though Spanish is primarily spoken among part of […]

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From Columbus to Colombo: US-Sri Lanka Connections Inspire

By Adrian Powell Nine thousand miles, ten-and-a-half hours by the clock, and a twenty-two-hour flight time separate Columbus, Ohio, USA, from Colombo, Sri Lanka.* The two cities share similarities as state and legislative capitals, respectively; they have similar populations (898,553 in Columbus and 752,993 in Colombo); and both are large metropolitan areas said to be […]

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