Leadership Focus

Leadership Focus is an online ministry development tool, designed to equip and strengthen leaders in the Church of God through relational training with a missional perspective. We are fully committed to serve you through your credentialing by supporting you in your development as a leader.

While this tool is the format for preparing credentials candidates, it is also relevant and effective for pastors who want to stretch and grow in their leadership skills, raise leadership lids, and develop effective resources and abilities in training and equipping their congregations for effective kingdom impact.

We believe in a missional approach to leadership development, and believe there are certain characteristics that those responding to a call to lead should possess. We particularly look for such qualities in those pursuing credentials. We believe that rising leaders should be:

  • Diligent in learning and growth
  • Passionate about a compelling call to mission and ministry
  • Committed to interdependent relationships that further the kingdom
  • A person of strong integrity and clear moral direction


Spiritual Formation
Understanding the source of strength for ministry
Spiritual Formation
• Growing personally in a transformational relationship with Christ
• Making Jesus the subject in our everyday life and calling
• Understanding the source of strength for ministry
- Prayer
- Scripture
- Community
Missional Commitment
Outreach and Commissioned Leadership
Missional Commitment
• Clear witness in life and ministry
• Intentional outreach and commissioned leadership
• Biblical praxis
• Clear understanding of ‘calling’ based on outward focus
Honing the skills necessary to succeed.
• Preaching – Able to communicate for transformation
• Leadership – Able to gather and guide to effective mission
• Skills – wedding, baptism, etc.
• Boundaries
• Self-awareness
• Life-long learner (L.A.M.P) is a life practice
• Public
• Personal
• Professional life
Commitment to accountability, growth and excellence.
• Prayer - for each other and seeking God’s guidance for his will in ministry – not ours - it's his. Recognizing and teaching them that ministry comes from God and through God!
• Scriptural – the whole of Leadership Focus is based on biblical principles – not just the theological statements.
• Care for each other and commitment to accountability, growth, and excellence.


Please feel free to contact us at your convenience with any additional questions, concerns or needs that you might have as we explore how to work together in a united flow of training, equipping and ministry that unleashes a new generation of leaders for greatest kingdom impact.

To contact Jeannette Flynn, Program Manager, fill out the online form below:

All 48 assemblies in the United States, Eastern Canada, the School of Theology, the Hispanic Concilio, and Global Strategy have now partnered with Leadership Focus to provide a comprehensive and consistent approach to training and equipping emerging leaders for ministry and mission.  Additionally, the 2017 Credentials Manual reflects the use of Leadership Focus as the standard for all candidates in the credentialing track.


For more information about participating as a candidate, please contact your state administrator. Or call Jeannette Flynn, program manager: 407–451–9886.

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