A chaplain is an extension of the church’s ministry to persons away from home wherever they may be, in the military, on a hospital bed, in a correctional facility, or laboring within their work environment. They are called by God and endorsed by Church of God Ministries to take his message and indwelling presence to people wherever they are. They are full- or part-time employees, or volunteers. They are ordained clergypersons who minister within an institutional setting and pluralistic environment.

Endorsement is an affirmation by the church that a person is in “good standing” and will perform ministry in accordance with the general practices and beliefs of the Church of God reformation movement on behalf of Church of God Ministries. Ecclesiastically endorsed chaplains have presented evidence of having advanced education, experience, and skills necessary for the specialized ministry for which they are endorsed.

Church of God Ministries general director Jim Lyon interviews William Spencer, a Church of God chaplain currently serving with the newly-formed Space Force:

Interview with William Spencer

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Tips for supporting the military families in your community:

(recommended by Dr. Gary Carr, Military Chaplain Endorser for Church of God Ministries)

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Basic Requirements for Ecclesiastical Endorsement:

  • Must hold degrees from a fully accredited college and seminary. Most positions require a minimum degree of master of divinity. In addition, some positions also require completion of two or more supervised Clinical Pastoral Education units.
  • Must be an ordained minister in good standing in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). Good standing must be maintained each year in order to retain endorsement.
  • Must complete all required application forms with Church of God Ministries.
  • Must provide a “Statement of Record” regarding sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.
  • For institutional chaplaincy or professional organization membership, there may be additional requirements established by the specific institution/organization that must be met before endorsement can be granted.

Applicants for Military Reserve or National Guard appointments participate in the same endorsing procedures as active duty appointments, and it is understood that such applicants are willing to enter active duty if called upon during an emergency situation. Military active duty chaplaincy applicants should have at least two years of pastoral experience. All applicants for military chaplaincy must be willing to be worldwide-deployable.

Military chaplain candidate program applicants must have acceptance to, or be in, a minimum of a 72-hour post-graduate degree program as a full-time student to receive a letter of approval.


Check requirements carefully to determine eligibility. Consult with the institution, organization, or area military officer program recruiter to determine all qualification prerequisites.

If you believe you are eligible, secure application forms below, or by contacting Chaplain Ministries at 800-848-2464 or by e-mail at

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