Shifting Seasons, Steady Leadership: CGM Offers Goodbyes, Extends Greetings

The signals are often subtle, yet they convey critical meaning: an emerging flower, a crimson leaf, or the first snowflake. Seasons come and seasons go, yet each change reflects qualities uniquely beautiful—and uniquely necessary—in its time. So it is with ministry. Shifting seasons necessarily propel the cycles of life forward, harnessing the special tapestries of […]


Christians Broadcasting Hope Now Speaks Urdu

By John Walters Over 230 million people speak the Urdu language. The majority live in Pakistan and Western India, but Urdu speakers are in every part of the world. As of April 17, 2022—Easter Sunday—Christians Broadcasting Hope speaks Urdu too! That’s the day we launch our tenth and newest program, Chashma Hayat (“Streams of Living […]

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