The Church of God Foundation assists individuals, local churches, and regional assemblies to leave a lasting legacy for ministry.

The Foundation will assist and educate individuals to practice holistic stewardship through service, products, and asset management of their resources.


The Foundation will receive, administer, distribute, and expend funds, gifts, donations, bequests, contributions and other receipts of money or property of every kind or nature in the furtherance of Church of God Ministries’ religious and charitable objectives and purposes.


The Foundation will provide service and resources to assist Church of God congregations, regional assemblies, and other movement related organizations with regard to endowments, charitable trusts, and charitable gift annuities, all designed to support the ministries of the church.

The Foundation encourages lifelong stewardship and offers individuals, churches, and assemblies:

  • Gift-planning technical and legal expertise
  • Will and estate seminars
  • Individual consultations
  • Printed and electronic materials
  • Church health and multiplication
  • Student scholarships related to leadership development at Church of God institutions of higher educations; and
  • Retired Ministers’ aid.

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