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The National Association of the Church of God

The National Association is a coalition of congregations within the Church of God who are connected by virtue of cultural affinity and heritage.  Primarily consisting of African American congregations serving in urban centers, the National Association enjoys a mutually affirming partnership in ministry with all Church of God congregations and the formal associations of the Hispanic Concilio and American Indian Council.

Website: www.nacog.com

Hispanic Council (Concilio)

The Hispanic Council reaches the lost for Jesus Christ to equip Hispanic Christians, church planting, cultivate partnership, encourage diversity, and engage in missions.  The Concilio Hispano (Hispanic Council) builds relationships within Hispanic congregations and pastors, and maintains a partnership with Church of God Ministries and other Church of God organizations.

The board of directors are Marcos Garcia, General Director; Ercides Estrada, Pastoral Care; and Jose Gomez, Communications Director.  The regional areas are North East, South East, Center North, Center South, North West and South West.

Website: www.conciliochog.org

American Indian Council

The American Indian Council seeks to minister to the Native American people through expressing the love of God by practicing the ministry of presence, building meaningful relationships, loving without hurting, working and partnering to disciple the lost.

Maureen Woodman, First Chief

Website: www.jesusisthesubject.org/native-american-ministries/

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