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2021-2023 Yearbooks Coming Soon


We first want to apologize for the very long and unexpected delay in the mailing of the 2021-2023 Yearbook.  We very much feel the same frustration.  We want to share an update with you.

  • The closure of printing companies due to COVID has increased the order load on existing printers.
  • A significant paper shortage has also extended printing deadlines.
  • We are working hard to get the Yearbook shipped as soon as possible. Expected mailing date will be before year’s end.


The Yearbook is available on CHOG 24-7 in the “Documents” section for registered pastors and churches. If you ordered a Yearbook and do not have access to CHOG 24-7, please call us at 800-848-2464!
Again, we are very sorry for this inordinate delay.  Thank you for your grace!


Did you know? The Yearbook can be accessed by all registered ministers and churches by logging onto CHOG24/7 and selecting “Download a PDF.”


Questions and Ordering?

Contact Customer Service at 800-848-2464 or customerservice@chog.org.

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