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2019-2021 Yearbook


We thank all of those who have pre-ordered their July 2019-June 2021 Yearbook! These pre-orders will be delivered September 2019.

Limited quantities of the July 2019-June 2021 Yearbook are still available to purchase but only while supplies last! If you are interested in purchasing a Yearbook, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-848-2464 or for pricing and availability.

Limited Quantities Available


Call-in Order $55
Retired Minister $40


Call-in Order $62
Retired Minister $47


Did you know? The Yearbook can be accessed by all registered ministers and churches by logging onto CHOG24/7 and selecting “Download a PDF.”


Our free Yearbook app is currently unavailable due to some technology and content updates.  Soon you will be able to access the app again.  If you have any questions about yearbook data, please feel free to contact us.


Questions and Ordering?

Contact Customer Service at 800-848-2464 or

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