Words Matter, Too: It’s About More Than Music for IYC2024 Worship Band

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By Carl Stagner

Though the biggest stars and chart-topping hits might get the attention of radio stations, promoters, and concert venues, they aren’t necessarily the most God-honoring or church-edifying. To be sure, many are contributing mightily to the advancement of the kingdom of God while equipping the saints with inspirational music, but even the most well-meaning Christian artists and songwriters aren’t immune to the ebb and flow of industry influences. SEU Worship—stemming from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida—certainly stands out in the contemporary world of worship artistry for both their talent and integrity. Slated as worship leaders for the International Youth Convention of the Church of God this summer, SEU Worship brings to the platform a refreshingly honest and biblically accurate music ministry.

Surprisingly, SEU Worship is not only the product of students enrolled at the Christ-centered institution of higher education; they’re the result of a collaboration between faculty, staff, students, and alumni. In a practical sense, they’re a “reflection of the worship movement happening during weekly chapel services within the campus community.” With a sound and style crafted intentionally for the next generation of students and young adults, their music has captured the interest and imagination of worshipers of all ages. The gifted songwriters among them set out to “craft prophetic and theologically responsible lyrics” that don’t turn a blind eye to the important dynamics of the present day, yet have a knack for facilitating personal and collective praise and worship.

Consider the provocative third verse of their hit song, “Monday Morning Faith”:

And hell’s not scared of a Sunday faith, if it only leads to empty praise. What really makes darkness run is when the saints arise and praise in quiet on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. To know you, to love you, to choose you first (we sing) Thursday and Friday and Saturday; to see you, behold you in worship, singing…”

To hear the entire song, and listen to more sample audio, visit www.seuworship.com.

SEU Worship: joy-filled, down-to-earth ambassadors for Jesus!

Always artistic, continually creative, SEU Worship strives to keep things current. Even as recently as mid-March, they released new music. “Oil and Offering” is the intriguing title of their new single from their own David Ryan Cook. “Oil and Offering,” among other powerful titles, is available now wherever you listen to music.

“Beyond outstanding musicianship,” IYC director Adam Rentas explains, “SEU Worship possesses a level of authenticity and passion for worship. We are excited to have this group with us for each session of IYC, helping to create a feeling of continuity between all our main sessions.”

The International Youth Convention has a long history, certainly, and that will be celebrated this June in Orlando, Florida. But more specifically, the event has a long history of creating an environment where life change happens. Often such life change takes place during, or following, moments of inspirational worship when the voice of the Holy Spirit was especially clear and compelling. This year is turning out to be no different. Just imagine the possibilities as the Spirit harnesses even more moments of incredible worship to the glory of God through SEU Worship.

Learn more about this year’s IYC speakers and artists, watch life-change videos, find all the information your youth group needs to make Orlando your summer destination, and register for IYC2024 (June 27–30) at www.iycchog.org.

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