What Are We Thankful For? YOU!

 In Life-Givers

This holiday season, we’d like to show our gratitude for you by offering a special gift of $10 off any LifeGivers course.

Choose from any of the exciting courses this session:

• Church Turnaround, led by Nate Hultz
• Getting It Right: 8 Essentials of Compensating Ministers, led by Nabil Safi
• Shepherd Care: Body, Soul, and Spirit, led by Deanna Mueller
• Finding Your Voice in the Midst of the Noise in the Sanctuary, led by Felecia Pearson
• How to Study the Bible: Tools, Techniques, and Tips, led by Dr. Martin Johnson
• Making Disciples That Make Disciples, led by Deanna Mueller
• Making Disciples That Live Like Jesus, led by Neil Oldham
• Equipping the Next Generation Through Mentoring, led by Ken Merrifield
• Kids Ministry Matters, led by Chelsea Haines
• Leadership 101: Unlocking Your Leadership Potential, led by Dr. David Bartels
• Effectively Reaching Your Community, led by Dr. Melissa Pratt
• Giving Life to the Grieving, led by Brenda Kraft
• Ministering Effectively to the Hurting and Struggling, led by Melanie Wise & Brooke Keels
• Theology and Practice in the Book of Acts, led by Dr. Timothy West
• Transformational Preaching, led by Scott Beha
• Women in Ministry, led by Mary Stephens
• Women in Ministry Leadership Competencies, led by Arnetta Bailey
• Practical Steps to Enhance Your Worship Experience and Build Your Team, led by Chad Harlan
• The Psychology of Worship, led by Dr. Cindy West
• Theology and Practice: Worship for Today’s Church, led by Nathan Stewart

To receive $10 off 1 LifeGivers course, register by 12/20/19 and use the code GIFT10
You can use this special offer for yourself, or gift it to anyone you know who would benefit!

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