“We Live in Anderson, But We Wouldn’t Miss Oklahoma City!”

 In All Church of God, Church of God Convention

Photo: Cindy and R. W. Eggert

By Carl Stagner

The Church of God Convention 2014 is just a few weeks away, and Church of God people from across North America are making final arrangements to Be Bold in Oklahoma City. The convention, June 23–26 at Crossings Community Church, will symbolize a new wind blowing through the movement. There’s still time for you to register at www.chogconvention.org. In the meantime, even residents of Anderson, Indiana, are gearing up for the trek. Though the Church of God Convention has taken place in their backyard for more than a hundred years, these folks wouldn’t miss what God is about to do at such a landmark event.


Photo: Carl and Myrna Knupp

Carl and Myrna Knupp, longtime Anderson residents, anticipate what God has in store for the Church of God as this new chapter unfolds. They want to be there. They want to be a part of the excitement, not just watch from the sidelines. “We didn’t want to miss out on anything. We’ve always been active in attending the activities in Anderson, but we thought, ‘What they’re thinking about makes sense as far as having the convention in different locations.’” The Knupps are planning to take their trailer out to Oklahoma City and make an extended vacation out of the trip. Reflecting on the change, Carl says, “Everybody’s been rooted in this habit for a hundred years. But we’re excited to see what is going to happen in Oklahoma City We’ve been a part of Madison Park Church for fifteen years, so we know a little bit about Jim Lyon!”

So what’s better than driving twelve hours on an interstate? Driving twelve hours on an interstate with friends. R. W. and Cindy Eggert, friends of the Knupps, are turning convention time into a road trip. “Even though we live here in Anderson and are only a mile from the camp grounds,” R. W. explains, “we never really have attended every session of the convention. We also have a motorhome that we really have not done much with. This will be a great opportunity for us. Cindy has also always had this burning to desire to go to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and reflect a little bit. And to be able to do the whole convention will just be great. A lot of fun, a lot of knowledge to be gained, a lot of great speakers.”

Why are the Knupps and Eggers so excited about Be Bold 2014? For convention regular Carl Knupp, there is no reason to believe that the Spirit cannot also be present in a powerful way in a new venue. “We’ve gone for years and we’ve always been spiritually uplifted by the event. We know they’re going to have a number of different speakers and a new venue. It will be a little different than the past. We kind of like the tradition, but we also like the combination of old and new.” The Eggerts have witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit at the Church of God Convention before and are sure the power will be strong this year. “Insight into the Spirit and the Church of God,” R.W. insists, “all comes together at convention time.”

Don’t hesitate any longer! Make your plans today to attend the Church of God Convention in Oklahoma City. Register at www.chogconvention.org!

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