Church of God Offices Relocation

 In Church of God

By Ann Brandon

In April of this year, our general director, Jim Lyon, wrote an article about change which included some examples of personal change and some of institutional change. As I read that article, I found myself thinking of my own changes in family, vocation, and location. Some of those changes were painful; some were exciting; all were difficult at some level.

I returned to the staff of Church of God Ministries in May after serving ten years in the local church. While the transition was one of obedience for me, it has been difficult to leave a staff that I loved so much and worked so well with to join a “new” team. In these months since my return, I have begun to form relationships, discover giftedness, and appreciate the deep passion that I see for serving the local church in these people I now work with daily. Alyse, Becky, Cameron, Elizabeth, Jamil, Laura, Roz, Sandra and many others—names you may or may not know—but all who are committed to resourcing this Movement in our efforts to be a reclamation movement. All of these new friends are partners with me in this change.

The move from our second location on East Fifth Street in Anderson is a necessary change with its own set of pain, excitement, and difficulty. The details are mind-boggling, the teamwork inspiring, and the long-term cost savings undeniable. We have grieved losses while embracing next steps. That is change.

While this move brings significant change, it also brings manageable space, reduced operational costs, and a collaborative work environment for Christian Women Connection, Servant Solutions, Warner Press, and Church of God Ministries. We believe this is good stewardship and forward momentum.

The East Fifth Street offices of Church of God Ministries closed Thursday, September 28. Movers, tech crews, and employees worked September 29–October 3 to move the offices to the new location at 2902 Enterprise Drive, Anderson. We opened for our daily work routines on October 4. For updated information on how to contact us, click here.

We invite you to join us for an open house as soon as we are unpacked and settled. Please watch your inbox for that invitation. We would love to share a cookie, give you a tour, and celebrate next steps with you!

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