Warner Press Releases Outreach Resource for Children’s Ministry

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Warner Press continues to grow its church and ministry books category with the recent release of Go: Beginning a Kid’s Outreach Ministry by Rachael Groll. Go will add depth to teaching resources for the church, bringing together new ideas and solid experience while working with often overlooked youth. Groll’s book can transform entire communities through a hands-on “sidewalk” ministry.

“We live in a world full of lost and broken kids, many who will never darken the doors of our churches,” said Rachael Groll. “Ignoring that fact won’t make it go away. We don’t have the option not to go.”

Rachael Groll is a children’s and outreach pastor at Living Waters Church in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Her outreach program received national attention when the Christian law group, Alliance Defending Freedom, stood behind the church when local governing agencies tried to shut the program down. ADF helped Living Waters regain the right to continue the outreach programs, and thus, the ministry has grown, reaching even more areas of the community. Rachael has shared some of her experiences on social media and her blog, www.rachaelgroll.org. Networking with children’s pastors across the nation, she has helped others start Sidewalk Sunday schools and outreach ministries, and has recently begun a new role in public speaking.

“Whether someone has been a children’s pastor for years or is just beginning in ministry, Go will educate, encourage, and inspire,” said Robin Fogle, editor. “Not only does Rachael Groll offer practical advice and action steps for starting a Sidewalk Sunday school ministry, she provides ample evidence that this approach truly changes the lives of children and families. We need to stop waiting for that perfect moment, expensive equipment, and predetermined number of skilled volunteers. Just cast all the excuses aside, trust God, and GO!”

Appealing to anyone involved in children’s ministry, Go builds on Groll’s personal outreach ministry by taking the gospel outside the four walls of a church to kids in the streets. Groll gives practical tools and personal examples to start a youth outreach ministry in your church. Groll encourages us to listen to God’s call and just GO!

Go includes twelve sample lessons that help you create a ministry that works for your community. Use Rachael’s experience as a children’s pastor to connect with your community and her advice to build your own program that touches lives.

For more information and a free chapter download, visit go.warnerpress.org.

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