Warner Press Releases Massey Book on Hebrews

 In All Church of God


By Joe Allison

Warner Press has published a new book by James Earl Massey to help preachers present the key truths of the epistle to the Hebrews. Preaching from Hebrews is the result of several decades of study and preaching by Dr. Massey, dean emeritus of Anderson University School of Theology.

“The letter to the Hebrews is one of the most intriguing books within the New Testament and an important bridge between the two Testaments,” Dr. Massey says in his preface to the book. He notes that Hebrews explains with unique insight “how the exalted Christ ministers to believers struggling with the demanding details of life.”

Preaching from Hebrews surveys the historical background of the book, provides an expository commentary on its content, and then offers a selection of themed sermons that Dr. Massey has preached from Hebrews. Dr. Jeffery W. Frymire, of Asbury Theological Seminary, believes this threefold approach may “foster a new template for how preaching books should be written.”

Preaching from Hebrews is now available from Warner Press at a retail price of $24.99, plus shipping and handling. Visit www.warnerpress.org.

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