Warner Press Releases Grandparenting Books

 In All Church of God


By Joe Allison

Warner Press has released two books on grandparenting as part of the New Life Together discipleship series. A Call to Grandparenting, by Pastor Mark Adcock, of Fortville, Indiana, helps older Christians recognize opportunities to lead their grandchildren to Christ. A companion book, Lessons Learned on Papa’s Pond, provides a series of stories that grandparents and grandchildren can read together to begin the process of discipleship.

“I do not wish to minimize the fact that God has called parents to be the most profound shapers of their children’s lives,” Pastor Adcock writes, “but we Lessons_Learned_Cover_FORWEBgrandparents have an opportunity to provide something they are not yet able to provide: the perspective and wisdom that comes from decades of experience.”

In Lessons Learned, Mark recounts how his own grandfather led him to Christ and discipled him during summer vacations at the family farm in Mississippi. These stories are written on a sixth-grade level so that many elementary-age children can read them. A Call to Grandparenting explains how grandparents can use his story and their own faith stories to influence their grandchildren for Christ.

Both books are available through the Church of God publishing House, Warner Press, Inc. Call 800-741-7721 in the USA or visit the website www.warnerpress.org. Later this year, Warner Press will release a resource kit with additional tools for grandparents’ disciplining ministry.

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