Warner Pacific Professor’s Book Explores Theology in the Age of Global AIDS, HIV

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Warner Pacific College professor, Dr. Cassie Trentaz, has released a new book; Theology in the Age of AIDS & HIV: Complicity and Possibility. Part of the Content and Context in Theological Ethics Series from Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, Theology in the Age of AIDS & HIV, is a courageous look at how dominant theologies have participated in the creation of ‘risk environments’ for susceptibility to this virus and a call to action, that we would learn how to truly care for one another in this age of global AIDS and HIV.

In addition to her role as Assistant Professor of Theology, Ethics and Church History at Warner Pacific, Dr. Trentaz is an ordained minister with the Church of God (Anderson, Ind.) and served the church in the areas of youth and family ministries and leadership development at the Church of God national offices for eight years. She has taught courses in Anderson, Chicago, and a series of trainings in East Africa.

“I’m so grateful for the powerful research and challenging call to action that Dr. Trentaz explores in her new book,” said Warner Pacific President, Dr. Andrea P. Cook. “As the College learns to fully embrace our urban identity, we need bold voices like Cassie’s, encouraging us to be responsible global citizens.”

Dr. Trentaz’s research and teaching focus on the interdisciplinary crossroads of theology, ethics, church history, and religions of the world. Her extensive research commitments involve theo-ethical reflections on the ways power differentials and religio-cultural structures influence human experience and community. As an activist, Dr. Trentaz builds upon her teaching and research to explore how religious communities can speak life and enact social transformation in the midst of those realities in the complex contexts in which we live.

Warner Pacific College is the only Church of God (Anderson, IN) institution of higher learning in the western United States. Warner Pacific was founded in 1937 to support the work of the Church of God reformation movement (Anderson, Indiana). At our core is Wesleyan Holiness theology, which not only promotes personal holiness, but also social holiness. Inclusion and unity are tenants of our faith tradition. Because of this heritage, Warner Pacific College is strategically positioned to prepare students to take on the significant needs of communities and individuals living within urban centers, whether in Portland, around the United States or abroad. Warner Pacific prepares faithful servant-leaders who have strong spiritual moorings, a deep sense of service to others, critical thinking skills to address economic and societal needs and the ability to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing world.

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