Warner Pacific Now Offers Loan Repayment Assistance

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Incoming first time freshmen who enroll in the traditional undergraduate program at Warner Pacific College beginning in the fall of 2014 will no longer have to worry about how they will pay back their student loans once they graduate. Freedom to Flourish, a loan repayment assistance program, empowers graduates to secure a well-paying job after graduation or ensures their ability to repay their loans while following their dreams.

Freedom to Flourish is a revolutionary loan repayment initiative based on successful programs that Yale Law School and other Ivy League institutions have been using for decades in order to help their graduates manage student loan debt, empower them to pursue public service, and provide the confidence to attend their first choice school. Warner Pacific College will become the first undergraduate program in the Portland Metro area to offer this groundbreaking initiative.

“At Warner Pacific, we understand that choosing a private, Christ-centered, liberal arts college comes at a cost,” said President Andrea P. Cook. “However, we are confident in the value of our educational experience and we want to give our graduates the Freedom to Flourish in their careers and communities without the anxiety of student loan debt.”

Beginning in the fall of 2014, all new first year freshmen at Warner Pacific College will be enrolled in the Freedom to Flourish program.

To be eligible to receive loan repayment assistance students must:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) from Warner Pacific College
  • Be employed at least 30 hours a week and earn less than $37,000 annually after graduating

The level of assistance is based on income level. Freedom to Flourish is provided at no cost to the student and covers all student loans including:

  • Federal student loans
  • Private student loans
  • Parent PLUS loans

“Freedom to Flourish provides students the confidence to pursue a major that aligns with their unique calling and passion. It allows them to enter the job market with less anxiety, and removes the burden of student loan repayment,” voiced Warner Pacific Director of Student Financial Services and Financial Aid, Cindy Pollard.

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