Warner Pacific Author in Residence Named Contributor to ‘Leadership Journal’

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Warner Pacific College Author in Residence, Tony Kriz, has been named a regular contributor to Leadership Journal, the premiere publication for today’s church leaders.

Tony Kriz, who infamously appeared in Donald Miller’s books under the name “Tony the Beat Poet,” has discovered the abiding presence of Jesus in the lives and words of people from diverse and often radically ‘unchristian’ sources. He is the author of Welcome to the Table: Post-Christian Culture Saves a Seat for Ancient Liturgy and his most recent book, Neighbors and Wise Men: Sacred Encounters in a Portland Pub and Other Unexpected Places.

As the Author in Residence at Warner Pacific College, Kriz explores the often paradoxical experiences of faith as he shares stories, real-life conversations and encounters which prove that God can and will use anyone and anything— from Muslim lands to antireligious academics to post-Christian cultures—to make Himself known.

“As an author and a professor, Tony Kriz has challenged all of us in the Warner Pacific community to think critically about what it means to follow Christ,” said Warner Pacific President, Dr. Andrea P. Cook. “Readers of Leadership Journal will appreciate the opportunity to explore issues from new perspectives through his captivating storytelling.”

Leadership Journal, published quarterly by Christianity Today International, provides today’s church leaders with biblically faithful, pastorally practical writing. Leadership Journal offers smart, honest perspective on matters of ministry and the Christian leadership experience. Their mission is to serve Christ’s church by keeping leaders informed, encouraged, and connected to the global community of leaders.

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