Violence in the Middle East: Update from Egypt

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Following the brutal execution of twenty-one Christian Egyptians in Libya, concerns about the safety of the Church of God in the region have been expressed. We give thanks to God that Ken and Keli Oldham, as well as the Church of God congregations in Egypt, are safe. Ken offers the following context for a video update uploaded earlier today:

I had the opportunity to sit down and have one of our regular dialogues with Dr. Latif, a pastor who serves as the national leader of the Church of God in Egypt. Despite the difficulties in the country today, there was no worry, no apprehension for the future, and no gloom and doom over the conflicts to the east, west, or internally. There was peace. Church of God congregations stretch from the population centers of Alexandria and Cairo, down into villages in Upper (southern) Egypt—villages like those mourning the loss of twenty-one of their own. All of them are reporting that things are well. We filmed this brief video update as a way to encourage our friends and supporters in the West to see and hear that same peace, and to know how to pray for the opportunity to witness with the peace and hope of Jesus Christ our Savior in in a time like this.

Ken and Keli Oldham serve as pastors in Cairo, Egypt.

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