Serving and Equipping Bold Christ-centered Leaders by Providing Access to Valuable Resources, Training, and Coaching


Your portal to resources, training, and coaching for every area of ministry in your church.

Tools, training, and events to help us reach, disciple, and empower students.

Supporting leadership development through the credentialing process and beyond.

Establishing a consistent, equitable, unifying, and Biblically grounded credentialing process.

Addressing economic challenges and financial planning for pastoral leaders.

Establishing safe places of compassion and dignity, one urban community at a time.

Online curriculum and encouragement designed to help you receive, and give, Life.

Empowering high school juniors and seniors to hear and respond to the call of God.

Field-tested strategy to help congregations through the pastoral search process.


  • Norma Armogum
    Norma Armogum Executive Assistant
  • Tami Byrd
    Tami Byrd Youth Ministry Project Coordinator
  • Ryan Chapman
    Ryan Chapman US & Canada Initiatives/Credentialing Program Manager
  • Joe Cookston
    Joe Cookston CARE Director
  • Jeannette Flynn
    Jeannette Flynn Leadership Focus Program Manager
  • Roz Hency
    Roz Hency Credentialing Program Coordinator
  • Jyllian Kegley
    Jyllian Kegley CHOG Yearbook Project Manager
  • Handel Smith
    Handel Smith Executive Director of US & Canada Strategy
  • Paula Walford
    Paula Walford Leadership Focus Program Coordinator
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