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Photo: Jan and Bob Edwards

By Bob Edwards

Bob and Jan Edwards recently returned to Kenya for a four-month stay as consultants at KIST. The following is their latest update:

Jan and I have been here at Kima for a bit over one week. We are settling into the International House, making it our home for the next four months. It is fully furnished and comfortable. The drenching African rains have begun in earnest, the dark black clouds at each evening just before sunset. It refreshes the earth, and fills the rain tanks that we depend upon for our water supply. Electricity is a bit of an issue. It is intermittently on and off. It has been interesting to Jan and me how the simple pleasures of electricity and water bring gladness to the soul. The rain brings wonderful life to the land. Electricity brings light in the darkness.

I worked many hours with the interim principal, John Matlock, before he left on Monday: looking at files; discussing the many areas of KIST administration; copying over names, telephone numbers and addresses; meeting faculty members and staff; and trying to settle into some kind of a routine before the students arrive in the first full week of May. I am really glad we arrived early so that we would get this chance to acclimate. John will return once again in mid-May for a month.

It has been great getting to know the Matlocks and the Nicholases. These are great missionaries with a sincere calling to this school and the ministry of the Lord in Africa. It has been interesting meeting the faculty that we will be working with, especially getting reacquainted with one of the teachers, Nelson Obwoge. Nelson has been here at this school since before its founding. But we go back much farther than that. Way back in 1972, when Jan and I were first starting out as young, pliable missionaries, we met Nelson and his family on the edge of the Great Rift Valley in the hills of Mbulu, Tanzania—our first missionary assignment. Nelson met us on our first day at Mbulu, and became my mentor KIST-graduation-2014and close friend. He was a Kenyan missionary to the country of Tanzania as we taught at the Mbulu Bible School together. Our paths have crossed many times over the years, and now we are here at KIST together. Nelson is the longest-serving faculty member at the school.

I have been busy working on my lesson plans for teaching one course this coming term. It is a course in “leadership emergence” that will be taught to the bachelor of theology students. The requirement is that all forty lesson plans be prepared and handed in to the academic dean before school starts, as well as the final exam and the grading scheme. Yikes! I’m glad I came early. I’m excited about teaching this course and getting to know the bachelor of theology students better.

Once again, thank you for your prayers and support of this grand school.

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