TraffickLight Video: Thank You, Church of God

 In All Church of God

Text by Abby Knowles; Video edited by Jared Powell

Today we want to once again say, “Thank you, Church of God!” Because of your contribution to the TraffickLight initiative, lives are forever changed and the kingdom’s limits are reaching new bounds. As the final dollars came in this summer, we reached a total amount raised of over $715,000. This is amazing, and the impact is significant! Our ministry partners have the ability to expand their mission and see dreams realized because of your support and sacrifice. Check out the video to see a recap of this project.

We encourage you to share this video with your church, on social media, and everywhere you can. While we have collectively made a significant impact, we have learned that this issue is extensive and a cycle exists to sex trafficking that impacts us all. Please stay connected as we unfold the next phase of the TraffickLight initiative in coming weeks. The work has just begun, and we need your continued support and partnership as we claim freedom for all who are captive!

Again, thank you so much for your contribution to this work!

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