Trafficklight 2.0 Partners

International: The Village Project

We are partnering with our Church of God national leader in Bangladesh and coming alongside their vision to see ten villages transformed by The Village Project. We are challenging our church to fund eight of those ten villages. The extremely vulnerable populations residing in these villages will have access to education, safe bathing, stable infrastructure, and the opportunity to be involved in the second part of the international initiative.

The infrastructure provided by The Village Project also enables up to 200 children per village to receive sponsorships through Children of Promise, an organization that is already on the ground developing this sponsorship opportunity in Bangladesh. Through this partnership, we are challenging the church to change the trajectory of a child’s life through sponsorship, knowing that vulnerability is the breeding ground for exploitation. We are challenging the church to take on 500 new sponsorships during the course of this initiative.

International: Children of Promise

Trafficklight 2.0 is partnering with Children of Promise to promote child sponsorship throughout regions where viable programs have been established. Children of Promise seeks to provide a bright future for the children under their care by making education, nutrition, health, and spiritual training priorities. In this way, Children of Promise helps children to better their lives, enjoy health and vitality, and establish an eternal relationship with God through salvation. Children without the advantage of these opportunities are more vulnerable and at greater risk in trafficking cultures. Join us and sponsor a child today.

United States: Hope Ranch for Women

We are partnering with Hope Ranch for Women in Wichita, KS. This is a developing effort to provide mentoring and a safe place for victims of exploitation and trafficking. The story of Cathy Turner, the founder of Hope Ranch for Women, is one of simple obedience and extreme courage. We hope that her testimony will continue to serve as a catalyst, leading churches and individuals to respond to issues of sexual exploitation in their own communities.


Additionally, we are enacting a grant fund where we can provide seed money for initiatives inspired through church’s growing awareness of the vulnerabilities and needs of their communities.

The Local Church: Freedom Fight

We are providing a package of resources entitled Freedom Fight for churches to utilize as a means of informing their congregations about the broader issue of sexual exploitation, but more directly, to challenge them to live in freedom and reclaim their lives in Christ. Every individual at every stage of life can find hope and growth in this series. Our hope is to see the church challenged to live in freedom, to cultivate a culture of purity, and to have kingdom impact in their community and in the world.


This is a two-year initiative which began in June 2017 and will continue through June 2019. The goal is to raise $1 million as a means of funding the international and U.S. initiatives.

Trafficklight 1.0 Partners

Below is a glimpse of other organizations we’ve partnered with—through which funds given to the 1000 x $1000 campaign were allocated, time volunteered, and lives changed. Although these contacts were made in association with the Trafficklight 1.0 initiative, we still consider them to be valued partners in the fight against Human Trafficking.

Stripped Love

Stripped Love recruits, trains and equips women to minister to other women caught in the sex-trade. Our teams are divided into those who pray, those who visit clubs, those who gather and make gifts to take as we visit, and those who provide follow-up assistance. Visits are made regularly, to build relationships through repeated contact with the women we serve.


OneHeart reaches out to genuinely love every person God has put in their path. Reaching out to the wounded hearts and lives of those who work in the commercial sex trade. They give encouragement by listening, building friendships, praying, guiding, and most importantly sharing the healing message of Jesus Christ. OneHeartDayton provides resources such as professional counseling, GED tutoring and testing referrals, triage and referrals to appropriate services such as drug rehabilitation, and transitional job change opportunities.


Pink Door Berlin is a faith-based not-for-profit organization in Berlin, Germany. They provide a long-term recovery program for women transitioning out of prostitution, sex trafficking or other means of sexual exploitation. Pink Door values personal empowerment, spiritual healing, advocacy, and connections to significant support. Their recovery program consists of three phases lasting a total of 3-5 years.


Remerge, formerly known as Church on the Street, is on the front lines in Atlanta, a city notoriously ranked as the top purveyor of sex trafficking in the United States, bringing hope and escape to the women, girls, men, and boys enslaved by this life-destroying trafficking industry. The REMERGE team methodically disrupts the system that exploits the vulnerable through a holistic network of reconcilers seasoned in the struggle for transformation.


The Shelter offers at-risk girls lodging, education, and community rather than a life in the streets. These funds are making expansion possible.

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