Pick a Date, Join the Fight!

 In Trafficklight

4 million victims of sex trafficking globally. 

1 in 7 runaways in the US is likely a victim. 

Profits are estimated at $99 billion worldwide. 

(Statistics from the Int’l Labour Organization and Nat’l Center for Missing and Exploited Children)


What if you could do something to change that? We believe you can.

Freedom Sunday, the ecumenical event that has been scheduled on the first Sunday of Lent or in late September, is gaining ground across God’s church. As the idea of a day set aside to bring awareness, strengthen local partnerships, and join the fight broadens, church bodies and organizations are leaving the schedule up to local churches.

This year, Church of God Ministries encourages you to find the best time to host an event in your congregation. When does it best fit your preaching calendar? When do local partners and organizations need you to come alongside? These are questions we encourage you to ask as you set aside a time to think about the tragedy of human trafficking and how you might join the fight against it. Our greatest desire is for you to create space for your congregation to become more aware, to learn what is happening in your community, and to invest. When you do that is a decision best made by you!

The resources you’ll find on our website will work any time of year and can provide some ideas for a variety of events, from a Sunday morning worship hour, to a book study, to a prayer walk. There are corporate and individual ideas. The Tools for Freedom Sunday button below will take you there!

After you have prayed, planned, and pulled it off, will you please let us know how it went? We would love to share the stories! Click the button below to share your story with us.

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