Trafficklight 2.0: The Fight Starts Here

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By Carl Stagner and staff

The fight starts here. That means right where you are. Right where we are. At home. Among your friends. In your church. At your school. At work. The Church of God has raised awareness and dollars to fight human trafficking. Now it’s time to pull it out by the roots. It’s going to get personal, and it may not be pretty. It’s going to require that we take a long, hard look at ourselves and how our actions permit and promote sexual exploitation in our world. To get you and your church started, we’ve partnered with our agencies to equip you for the battle and engage the issue like never before.

Trafficklight 2.0 compels us to look inward—to our communities, our homes, and our heart—and empowers us to consider our personal impact on the scourge of human trafficking. Join the fight today at

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