Torgesons Appointed Regional Consultants for Latin America

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The Torgeson family

By Stephen Lewis

Global Strategy is excited to announce the appointment of missionaries Jason and Abby Torgeson to the position of regional consultants to Latin America, based in Costa Rica.

Global Strategy has worked for two-years to identify a missionary to join the regional coordinator team for Latin America. During this time, we sought the council of Latin American missionaries and Latin American regional leaders, including multiple conversations and face-to-face meetings with CIID leaders (the body of Latin American leaders from across the Church of God in Latin America). We determined, in concert with CIID, that the role of RC in the region would include directing the work of Global Strategy missionaries and projects and to work in partnership with the leadership of CIID.

“We are very excited,” say Jason and Abby,” about the opportunity God has given us to participate in the work of the Church of God in Latin America and around the world. We believe that he has great plans for the region and we feel honored to be a part of the team.”

Jason grew up in a military family and has lived in several different states and countries. After serving in the Air Force, he settled in Bellingham, Washington, where he earned a degree in human services at Western Washington University and dedicated himself to serving his community through social work, law enforcement, and programs with at-risk youth. Jason also served as the missions and outreach director at Cornwall Church, a position that allowed him to live out his passion for leading mission teams and connecting with churches around the world.

Abby was raised as a Church of God pastor’s kid and attended several churches across the country during her formative years. She earned a degree in psychology and Spanish from the University of Alabama and a master’s in intercultural services from Anderson University School of Theology before serving as a missionary for three years in Bogotá, Colombia. Abby was ordained in 2013, the year she returned from Colombia and married Jason.

Please be in prayer for Jason and Abby as they assume this role and continue to develop relationships with Church of God missionaries and leaders across Latin America.

To learn more about the Torgesons or to support their ministry, visit their profile.

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