HOST PASTOR— Bishop Timothy Joseph Clarke is a faithful pastor, anointed teacher, strategic thinker, and an articulate and prolific preacher. He is the visionary leader and senior pastor of First Church of God in Columbus, Ohio, where, under his dynamic and prophetic leadership for thirty-seven years, First Church has become a spiritual beacon at the local and national level.


Called to the ministry in January 1974, Bishop Clarke served as the associate minister at First Church of God, in his hometown of Far Rockaway, New York, under his mentor, the late Dr. James E. Cray. Prior to First Church of God in Columbus, Clarke served in ministry at several other congregations. Clarke is the founder and chief prelate of Berean Fellowship, an international assembly, partnering with pastors of small to mid-size churches and young pastors, and those new to pastoral ministry.


Bishop Clarke is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including induction into the Morehouse College Board of Preachers. He holds a certificate of theology and ministry (Princeton Theological Seminary); bachelor of theology (Graduate Theological Foundation); master of ministry (Southern California School of Ministry); doctorate of divinity (Mid-America University); and a doctorate of humanities (Wilberforce University). Bishop Clarke has maintained a fellowship with the National Association of the Church of God, serving in several leadership capacities, including president of the National Inspirational Youth Convention, chairman and vice-chairman of the General Assembly; and president, vice-president, and presiding elder. On July 1, 2018, Bishop Clarke will assume the position of chairman of the General Assembly. Clarke ministers to our heart and encourages our soul through the numerous books he has published, too, including his latest, Bind Up Your Broken Heart, available from Warner Press.


Bishop Clarke is husband of Lady Clytemnestra Lawson Clarke, the loving father of two amazing adult daughters, Dionesha and Joscelyn, and a devoted grandfather to his grandson Ryan Joseph and granddaughter London Yvonne.

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