This is the Year…2017

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If you have ever attended the CBH Retreat to the Cove, if you have ever considered attending, or if you have ever dreamed of attending…THIS is the year to come! For decades, the CBH team has hosted an annual retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and, for the last twelve years, it has been held at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove in Asheville.

Our retreat this year, hosted by Jim Lyon and the CBH team, will occur October 15–18. You will have the chance to interact with some of our CBH speakers and hosts from around the world, hear the amazing music and testimony of gospel music legend Larnelle Harris, and sit under the teaching of some of the best current and future voices in the Church of God, including Rev. Melissa Senseman-Pratt (WV) and Rev. Wesley Duff (OH).

Another reason you will want to come is that we are suspending the Retreat to the Cove for the year 2018. In the meantime, we are working on a different and wonderful opportunity for our CBH folks to gather in the 2018 year. Stay tuned as we pull the final details together.


Will we be back at the Cove in 2019? Not sure. But what we do know is that CBH is committed to continuing to bring people together for teaching, inspiration, and renewal. We also know that CBH continues the effort of taking a word of hope around the world in multiple languages on behalf of the Church of God. Hope to see you at the Cove in October. If you have ever thought of coming, don’t miss this year!

To download this year’s brochure, click here.


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