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God sees above and beyond. We can’t imagine the full scope of ministries inspired by the Divine. Originally designed for individuals seeking credentialing in the Church of God, Leadership Focus has recently attracted the interest and involvement of some lay leaders who are not seeking credentials, but are seeking to grow as Christ-centered leaders. Leadership Focus remains committed to coming alongside credentials committees in training those with a call to pastoral ministries. However, these lay leaders also desire stronger training and skills, and have found Leadership Focus to be an effective resource for equipping their lives, as well. There have also been several ordained ministers who were credentialed in the years prior to Leadership Focus who have chosen to take advantage of the training and equipping provided by this tremendous resource.

It’s quite remarkable, in fact. As a testimony to the proven strategy and strength of this initiative, more than a dozen leaders who are not seeking credentialing are now enrolled in Leadership Focus as a means of being better equipped to serve in their local congregation. Among lay ministers and church staff, the desire to be their best have led to making commitments to two-and-a-half years of learning, networking, and accountability through Leadership Focus.

The cost of Leadership Focus makes this a very attractive decision. “It’s very affordable,” Jeannette Flynn explains. Jeannette serves as program manager for Leadership Focus. She explains that those who enter into the Leadership Focus experience are getting “quality training that you just can’t get for that price anywhere else. They love it because they’re in a learning cluster with other Church of God people from across the nation. There’s a strong element of connectivity in a time when we’ve lost our connectivity in other ways. They are finding the knowledge and skill training to be immediately practical and relevant. And the best of the best coaches are leading and guiding each cluster experience. The training is convenient—it happens from their own homes or offices once a month—and it is deeply meaningful.”

Twenty-two state/regional assemblies of the Church of God have decided that Leadership Focus is a significant part of the solution to our movement’s credentialing and leadership development needs. Leadership Focus is under consideration in remaining states and regions, and continues to grow and be embraced by state leaders and candidates alike. We celebrate the completion of sixty-two ministerial candidates already, and a total of 256 currently involved. We also look forward to the launch of the Spanish-version of Leadership Focus coming this fall.

Other new and exciting opportunities continue to present themselves, and as they take shape, we’ll let you know. But one thing is for sure: as more and more assemblies adopt Leadership Focus, we’re going to expect more unanticipated blessings.

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