In Church of God, Give Life

The sound of children singing was not new to me. After all, my wife is an elementary school teacher and I’ve experienced numerous musicals and performances involving children. But this time was different. The difference was not because of the words being sung in a language foreign to me. The difference was the enthusiasm and overwhelming joy the children possessed. It was very evident the children I witnessed singing were motivated by something more than a routine performance.

I am speaking of a visit to the Shelter in Cuttack, India. The young ladies resident at the Shelter have been rescued from lives of orphan poverty and, in numerous instances, physical and sexual abuse. Now, these young ladies, ranging in age from four to fourteen, are in a protected environment away from the horrific conditions of the past. Their new lives present opportunity to worship and develop a true relationship with Jesus.

Because you partner with Church of God Ministries, these young ladies now sing, lifting their voices to God in praise and worship instead of crying themselves to sleep in the darkness of abuse. We cannot stop now. Many other children need our help in changing the trajectory of their lives from despair to a blessed hope in Jesus.

You have the power and opportunity to breathe life into the future of these girls. You can make a difference by partnering with Church of God Ministries to take back what hell has stolen. Your undesignated gift today will give life back to a child that has been robbed of much of their childhood and innocence. Your undesignated gift enables us to partner in areas where the need is greatest.

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us today? Your financial support in partnering with Church of God Ministries will truly give life.





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