The More They Get Together: Unity Grows Among Detroit-Area Churches

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By Carl Stagner

“There is absolutely no way to legislate what is going on in our society today. The one thing that we can all do is join our voices together in prayer, and God has promised he will heal our land.” The sentiment of Albert Grant, pastor of the Church of God of Detroit, is one shared by all whose vital ministries in the Motor City metro area have endured the ups and downs of evangelism and discipleship in the ever-fluctuating cultural and societal dynamic. Grant, among the pastors of the roughly twenty Church of God congregations in surrounding area, has felt a tremendous burden for the brokenness of his community and, at the same time, consistently recognized how essential unity in the body of Christ is to realize that healing envisioned. In recent months, Ministers and Laity United have come together at least a couple times in service and worship to strengthen the bonds of perfectness that “prove the union heaven gave us.”

On September 11, Church of God pastors and laypeople gathered in a park setting for what was promoted as the “If My People” Rally. Based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, the event inspired strong attendance and agreement in prayer for transformation within the church, in the community, and in the halls of government. The successful gathering garnered attention from locals and those who commuted moderate distance to join what proved to be a moment of connection and encouragement for ministers entrenched in the daily battle.

Mark Richardson (Michigan state pastor) with his wife Sharon (left) and Albert Grant (right).

Mark Coffman, pastor of Evanswood Community Church of God in nearby Troy, Michigan, had this to say about the experience: “[It] was such an amazing day and a blessing to so many who came, visited, and gathered in the name of Jesus, which was accomplished! The sun was shining brightly, and it was just amazing how the Lord, being so faithful to us, provided exactly what we needed. Now to watch him bring healing to many!”

Another event, this one in late October, offered revival services for the area pastors and community.

According to Pastor Grant, Ministers and Laity United began as the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area Ministerial Fellowship with the late Dr. Robert Dulin Jr. at the helm. In July 2018, at Lake St. Clair Metropark in Harrison Township, Michigan, near Detroit, the inaugural gathering was attended by nearly three hundred supporters and marked a historic moment for the metro Detroit-area Churches of God.

Pastor Grant has said that “the people of Detroit and Flint, like so many cities, have needs that could overwhelm the local church. By supporting these parachurch organizations, it added an opportunity to learn about some unique ministry and service organizations in the community. These organizations provide valuable services for people we encounter and gives our members opportunities for involvement.”

While much of contemporary society seems to be looking for more reasons to divide, local Church of God pastors and laypeople of several Michigan congregations are actively seeking ways to unite. They already have reason to unite, and his name is Jesus. Of course, Jesus is the subject for these congregations, and they’re demonstrating once again this summer the power of uniting under the Name above all names.

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