The Global Impact of the Global Gathering

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By Mailesi Ndao

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Lord Almighty for such a time as this. Heartfelt thanks also go to the organizers of such an important event.

I used to hear of World Forums for the Church of God and how good it was for the global church to come together and share ideas and just be together. Upon hearing that such events were a thing of the past, I was deeply saddened. It is against this background that I’m writing to acknowledge the importance of the Global Gathering. As the Word says, “How good and pleasant it is when brethren come together in unity,” (Ps 133:1, author’s paraphrase). Being a God thing, the Global Gathering gives the Church of God an opportunity to simply let God be God, and that, I believe, will be absolutely essential for the church.

In addition, coming together gives us an opportunity to see where we are coming from and where we are going as a church. It also gives us a golden opportunity to ask ourselves tough questions and see whether the ways we have used for church growth are working or not. By so doing, it allows us to chart the way forward as we carry on the Great Commission to go into the world (Matt 28:19). It gives us an opportunity to pray together and listen to each other, whether great or small, an opportunity to learn from one another. I believe this gathering is a great idea for the Church of God as we stand at a crossroads.

The thing that drew me to the Church of God in the first place was its message of unity and love in the body of Christ. Today, I find myself questioning these very truths—whether truly we live them out or whether they are mere words. What I have come to notice in a hard way is that we have allowed ourselves to be divided by race, tribe, and even language. We have lost our simple message of Christ along the way. But I strongly believe that coming together is a great idea in the sense that we can redefine who we are and once again plan for the future by having a paradigm shift in the way we carry out our mission and engage one another as brothers and sisters. We can redefine our world vision. And this gathering presents the Church of God leadership with an opportunity to rekindle the passion of Christ by revealing the kingdom of God here on earth.

God loves us so much, and that is why he has accorded us an opportunity to come together and seek his face once more. So many times when I read the passage in 2 Chronicles 7:14, I ask myself why God said, “Seek my face…”? Why his face and not his hands, feet, or heart? Each morning when I wake up, my kids look at my face and know the kind of mood I’m in and know how to relate to me. I think now is the time for God’s church to seek his face. I firmly believe the Global Gathering is the best idea the leadership of the Global Church has come up with “for such a time as this.”

The Global Gathering will be beneficial to the people I serve as I will come back and share the message, knowledge, wisdom, and experiences I will learn from others. Above all, the sense of belonging as we come together as children of the Most High from the four corners of the earth is simply awesome.

Mailesi Ndao is the national leader for the Church of God in Zambia.

The Global Gathering is June 22–25 in Anderson, Indiana. Register and learn more about the Global Gathering at

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