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One of the most remarkable features of this year’s Church of God Convention in Orlando was the gathering of delegates from our sister churches worldwide. Hundreds pre-registered; many were denied permission to enter the United States by the American government. In the end, over 180 made it through the screen and joined us. It was a big win for all of us. Their wisdom, enthusiasm, and thirst for closer and stronger relationships with the church in the United States and Canada propelled much excitement and dialogue. For three hours one day, they met together in the General Assembly’s meeting hall to explore the possibilities of developing a “Global Council” for the Church of God—a kind of regular table where the Holy Spirit could speak to the whole body through the whole body. The conversation was moderated by Leaderwell Posghnap, one of our outstanding leaders on the world stage, and an influential voice in the place he calls home: northeast India.

The convocation overwhelmingly encouraged Church of God Ministries to pursue the idea of a global table, asking us to be the logistical catalyst, even as we will not own or control it. Many described the meeting as a “pivot” of “historic importance.” The mature Church of God abroad has much to teach us, much perspective with which we might see our own challenges more clearly, and much love for us as the family that gave birth to the whole. They long for peer relationships, in which we all learn from each other, theologically and strategically. Stay tuned.

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