The Church in Malawi is Growing!

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By Tammy Tregallas

Some exciting things are happening in the Church of God in Malawi. Malawi is in southern Africa, and the church started here a few decades ago. Currently there are 157 Church of God congregations in the country. Last year the church was able to acquire about seven acres of land outside Blantrye, in the southern region of the country. On this land the church desires to develop a national church headquarters and a ministry center. Thus far, we have built a pastor’s house for the pastor of the new church plant on the land, dog kennels, a toilet block, and a couple of bridges for easier access to the land.

A new church was planted on the land in July 2011; currently there are sixty people regularly attending this new church. This church has also begun another church about five miles away, which has close to thirty-five people regularly attending.  

At the end of March, twenty-five national, regional and district leaders gathered in Blantyre for a two-week training seminar. We have been holding periodic trainings since 2008. The leaders are excited to learn more about the Bible and theology; they eagerly carry the lessons learned back to their home villages and share it with others who were not able to attend.

Exciting things are happening among the women also. The first ever national women’s meeting will take place at the end of May. Please pray for the women as they begin to organize themselves and provide teaching for women across the nation.

We would ask you to continue to pray for the Church of God in Malawi, that God would continue to lead and guide. Also pray for the development of the ministry center and the national headquarters. Feel free to contact me if you would like to join a work team in one of the various projects that are currently being planned.

Tammie Tregallas is your missionary to Malawi.

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