Thank You, Global Gathering Volunteers!

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By Becky Fauntleroy

Since the first Church of God camp meetings, with the raising of tents, preparing meals, donating food, preaching, singing, and teaching, volunteerism has been exemplified. Decades of memories accumulate and traditions continue as people today step up to volunteer in widened and changing needs of programs, logistics, and technology. The central focus remains—ministering to people.

The months and years of planning by the Global Gathering Program Committee culminated in five days of activity brimming with opportunities for all ages. From mingling among the people or giving information under the umbrellas, to driving the shuttles, volunteers are vital to people, plans, and programs.

  • Volunteers were present all over the grounds and in every meeting and worship venue and connector fellowship opportunities for the Global Forum and the Global Gathering, to provide a warm greeting, offer assistance, directions, and information.
  • Volunteers provided a welcome at the Global Expo and Marketplace, which drew hundreds of conventioneers and provided exciting and informative adventure as they wandered and explored the Church of God around the globe.
  • Volunteers at the Global Kid’s Place Mission Education Experience provided exciting learning opportunities for impressionable children.
  • Volunteers planned, coordinated, and led many connectors and activities.
  • Celebration and daily worship services were energized by the musicians, choir, and worship leaders.
  • Ushers stood ready to help find seats, assist those with special needs and parents with children, as well as receive the offerings.
  • Fun-filled and spiritually developing youth events required the energy and creativity of volunteer workers late into the night.

Thanks can never be enough! More than 150 volunteers were a lifeline to the success of Global Gathering 2013, willing to give of their gifts, talents, time, and energy. Thank you!


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