In Chaplain Ministry, Church of God

Veterans Day is a time to pause and remember all who have faithfully served their country in the United States military. Their unwavering dedication and sacrifice are beyond what many of us can fathom, so let us always offer our gratitude, prayers, and support to the men and women of our Armed Forces. One way in which the church is able to support these men and women is through the ministry of military chaplains.

Embedded within their military unit, chaplains serve both God and country. They deploy to remote places, preach in austere environments, and respond to disasters and tragedy on short notice, leaving families behind while bringing a pastoral presence far from the doors of the church. They are out in the field, working hard to make disciples and bring the Good News to those who are searching for meaning and purpose, even as they serve their country.

Thanks to the work of military chaplains, our military servicemembers around the world are able to receive religious accommodation, faithful counsel, and the opportunity to experience spiritual joy.

This Veterans Day—and Remembrance Day in Canada—when you express thanks to those in uniform, think also of those who are walking alongside them as chaplains. They are caring for those who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and secure at home.

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