Texas Church Cares Where it Counts

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By Jonelle Frazier

Whether we want to admit it or not, many community churches have a reputation for being out-of-touch, stale, and just barely scraping by on their ministry quota. Pastor Demetrius Moffett is all about changing that stereotype, as he helps lead his church in a widespread local outreach.

First Church of God in Orange, Texas, has dug deep into the roots of its community, finding many areas where ministry is needed. Among its various outreaches, the church has begun giving free GED courses, substance abuse counseling, and classes for parenting and certified nursing assistance qualification.

“We also have [an] open gym where the men (young and old) come and play basketball and listen to a fifteen-minute devotional,” Pastor Moffett added.

First Church of God in Orange aims to be a church that devotes itself to “real people with real problems.” In working help its community, it focuses on specific ministries that meet the peoples’ specific needs.

DemetriusMoffett_pastor_OrangeTX_FORWEBAs the church has worked in the community, they have seen an enormous amount of growth. You might even say their ministry has grown in biblical proportions. “The response has been tremendous. There are more and more ministry activities that are being supported by the spirit of unity. Lives are being changed, and souls [are] being saved. The body of Christ is growing,” said Moffett.

Pastor Moffett advises other churches looking at expanding their ministries to get excited—very excited. “It’s not enough to be excited about the Master; we need to be excited about ministry. Find out what it is that excites you and allow God to minister through your area of excitement.”

For this church, ministry is 24-7, and Pastor Moffett’s congregation aims to uphold that standard. “In the fall we will expand to offering divorce care, grief recovery, and health, wealth, and wholeness classes. The vision is to have ministry going on seven days a week.”

As they look to the future, First Church of God in Orange wants to expand their outreach to the surrounding community, touching every member possible. According to Pastor Moffett, “[The church] will become that campus where people can come and receive the tools needed to build a better quality of life.”

Jonelle Frazier is a communication intern for Church of God Ministries from Austin, Texas. She is currently studying English and public relations at Anderson University. Learn more about the Church of God at www.JesusIsTheSubject.org.

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