Tell Your Story! Neville Tan Shares Experiences of Global Evangelism, Discipleship

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By Donna Thomas

Imagine a gathering of the Church of God from around the world. Imagine sitting before Neville, Tan, a special man of God from Singapore. Imagine the joy of hearing his story of once a prisoner in solitary confinement. He uses his experience as to how the Lord came to him, brought him to God, and chose him to change the prison filled with sworn enemies into a chapel of faith and reconciliation.

Simple obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission to go, tell, and share with the lost next door, down the street, and out to the world is basic evangelism. Simple discipleship is to follow up with those that come to the Lord by bringing them into cell groups and programs for growth and understanding in knowing the Word of the Lord. Tan’s personal experience and excitement in knowing the Lord created in  him the desire for the other prisoners to be a changed persons too. One by one his enemies came to him to hear his story, and his evangelism consisted simply of sharing about his change and his joy in the presence of God Almighty.

When Tan was released from prison, his house became a church and a halfway house for former inmates. In time, Neville introduced many to Christ, including a brave woman from Vietnam, many times a prisoner for Jesus Christ and her witness in that communist country.

Tan’s basic message was simply to be obedient to the Lord and go tell your story to all that will listen. As some chose to follow Christ, teach them the Word of God and fulfill your part in making disciples as commanded by Jesus.

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