Teaching at the Tamasei School

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By Will Johnson

In August of 2010 Mandy and I moved to Tokyo and began teaching English conversation classes at Tamagawa Seigakuin (Tamasei). Tamasei is a private, Christian junior and senior high girls’ school founded in 1950 by the Church of God.  We are privileged not only to teach English classes but to also work with the English clubs at school and lead worship and games for the Sunday School at Tamagawa Church of God for the many Tamasei students who attend.

Students in Japan are extremely busy and take their education seriously. A student’s typical day at Tamasei is a whirlwind of events and might look as follows: a long and crowded train commute, morning meetings and a formal chapel service, classes, closing devotions, janitorial duties, formal club activities, meetings, homework help and group study time and then, finally, an evening journey home. School goes almost year round, and students spend many Saturdays and vacation days at the school attending their club activities. In many ways a student’s life completely revolves around her school activities. Teachers become like a second family for these students who spend so much of their waking hours away from home.  

Through teaching English conversation classes, going on school trips, working with clubs and the local church, Mandy and I have been privileged to share God’s love with the students at Tamagawa Seigakuin. Building relationships with the girls at the school continues to be a daily blessing and a rewarding challenge.

Please pray for the continued ministry of the school and the church as it ministers to these young girls. Please pray for the students of Tamasei as they balance the many pressures of school and life.  And please pray that they may have open hearts to accept the love of Christ and to share that love with their families and friends.

Will and Mandy Johnson are missionaries teaching English at Tamagawa Seigakuin in Tokyo, Japan. They also participate in school chapel and other religious activities as well as the local Church of God congregation.

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