Steve Arterburn Announced for 2016 CHOG Regional Conventions

 In All Church of God


By Carl Stagner

Steve Arterburn is no stranger to the Church of God. He’s offered us valuable insights on CBH ViewPoint, encouraged us at conferences, and skillfully blended humor and bold truth on the Church of God Convention platform in Anderson. We’re excited to announce that Steve will again bless the movement in 2016 for each of the three regional conventions.

Countless readers have found hope and transformation in Steve Arterburn’s books, such as Every Man’s Battle, Healing is a Choice, and The 7-Minute Marriage Solution. Others have benefited greatly from listening to his New Life Live! radio broadcast or by watching New Life TV. This radio personality, public speaker, and bestselling author has become well-known for his heart for the wellness and wholeness of both ministers and laypeople. In an interview with Church of God Ministries, Steve offered the following words of wisdom regarding the wellness of pastors: “If your emotional health starts to erode, your spiritual life will be directly impacted. One of the most painful places to be as a pastor is in a position where you feel the need to fake your feelings. You become fake and superficial when you feel forced to act spiritually-strong, while your emotions are eating away at your spiritual vitality.”

Church of God Ministries designs gatherings like the Church of God regional conventions with the needs of our pastors in mind. We want to come alongside you in your journey. We want to equip bold, Christ-centered leaders and congregations. Through Be Bold Academy, Leadership Focus, Global Strategy, CHOG TraffickLight, and multiple other initiatives, Church of God Ministries is doing just that. The 2016 regional conventions are another opportunity for pastors and church leaders to come away stronger than when they arrive. Adding Steve Arterburn to the leadership team for these conventions brings more punch to an already-potent opportunity for reclaiming what hell has stolen among our ministers of the gospel.

“Too often, pastors think that if they just keep on plowing through, doing God’s work, that all will be fine. But if a pastor does not pay attention to emotional health, the problem will call attention to itself in the form of burnout, pornography use, feeling distant from God, and intense anger.” It’s a message Church of God pastors need. It’s a message we all need, and it’s a message straight from God’s Word and the heart of Steve Arterburn.

You won’t want to miss Steve. You won’t want to miss the 2016 regional conventions. Make plans to attend one or more—in Vancouver, Washington (April 26–28); Anderson, Indiana (June 21–23); or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (September 27–29). To register, and watch a video from Jim Lyon, visit www.chogconvention.org.

Don’t forget—Church of God Convention 2017 will be held in Wichita, Kansas, June 20–23, 2017!

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