In BeBold Academy

Since the launch of Be Bold Academy, interest and enrollment of pastors and church leaders has been on the rise. Before Be Bold Academy, pastors had gone from website to website, from one resource hub to another, racking up membership costs from various training centers. Now they access it all through one portal made available by Church of God Ministries. When other subscriptions and fees increase to maintain income, Be Bold Academy announced price reductions to encourage leadership development and discipleship. The affordability and ease of access has attracted not only individual leaders from across the United States, Canada, and the world, but also regional pastors. Leadership at the state level have realized the advantage of purchasing membership for all the ministers under their care, and discovered they’re all the better for it. One example is the Church of God in Arkansas.

Jim Eustace, regional pastor, puts it this way: “The Word of God says that we’re to study to show ourselves approved. We need to be obedient to his Word. Be Bold Academy is a good resource that in the past simply wasn’t available.”

And that’s in large part what encourages Jim about such a useful tool—that it’s available to his pastors when they need it. “I have one pastor who swears by it,” he explains. “The information, the training, the resources—they’ve taken him to a different level.”

Handel Smith and the domestic ministries team at Church of God Ministries were responsible for getting Be Bold Academy off the ground. Their desire has been to equip the men and women of God who serve the movement so faithfully, especially if they don’t have time to scour the Internet for practical tools that really work. Be Bold Academy works. And when it didn’t for one local pastor in Arkansas…

“One pastor lost connection to it. We contacted Church of God Ministries, and they were able to get it working again really easily.” It was just that simple. And that’s just one reason Jim’s appreciative of the work of Church of God Ministries, especially Handel Smith.

“One thing that has really helped the ministry in Anderson is the availability of Handel Smith,” Jim explains. “He’s been available for whatever concerns we’ve had. Handel is a real asset to Jim Lyon’s team.”

Just like across the Church of God movement, God is on the move in Arkansas. Be Bold Academy is one practical resource enabling lifelong learning for Arkansas pastors and helping them deal with relevant issues in their congregations and communities. But it’s been the Holy Spirit carrying out the most significant work. Jim Eustace explains that, through prayer, churches are being transformed. “I’m excited about the Spirit moving in our pastors and churches concerning prayer, realizing that prayer runs everything we do in our own lives and in the church. We’ve gotten away sometimes from realizing that our churches belong to God and we need to do what he wants. We need to ask the question, What does God want us to do? and go from there.”

What does God want you to do? Perhaps he’s prompting you to continue your spiritual training and take your ministry to new heights. Enroll in Be Bold Academy today or, if you’re a regional pastor in a state that doesn’t yet have statewide access, resolve to make it happen by the New Year. Like Jim Eustace of the Church of God in Arkansas, you’ll be glad you did.

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