Spirit Power Preached and Experienced at Tuesday Afternoon Worship

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By Carl Stagner

If you were present at the afternoon worship experience on Tuesday, you know the
presence of God was incredibly potent. From the opening songs that petitioned
the Lord for revival, to Luke Sorrell’s dramatic recitation of Jesus as revealed
from Genesis to Revelation, to the anointed preaching of Arnetta McNeeseBailey,
there was nothing ordinary about what took place.

Paul and Sharon Roberts presented a special song with Grand Cayman roots that prompted hands clapping and toes tapping. Men and women of all ages rose to their feet as voices echoed the refrain of “Bless the Lord, oh my soul!” But when Luke Sorrell, just thirteen years old, began sharing an enthusiastic testimony of how Jesus is revealed to him in each book of the Bible, the Holy Spirit swept in with a fresh wind of conviction and power. The Spirit’s work through Sorrell made speaker Arnetta Bailey want to get up and start preaching even before the corporate prayer was finished.

Bailey, the executive director of Christian Women Connection, warned the congregation that if we didn’t talk back to her as she spoke, we might be here all day! In the context of boldness, she exclaimed, “When you understand that the Holy Spirit is personal, it doesn’t matter who you’re standing in front of!” Through passages of Scripture and stories of personal experience, her message made it clear to all that “it’s not enough to know the doctrine of the Holy Spirit; we need to know the power of the Holy Spirit!”

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