Speakers, Leaders Announced for 2016 Regional Conventions

 In All Church of God


By Carl Stagner

Convention plans continue to be finalized for what will be a year of historic firsts. The 2015 General Assembly vote to make the Church of God Convention an every-other-year experience also paved the way for smaller-scale regional conventions during the even-numbered years. Church of God people will gather in three different locations this year, including Vancouver, Washington (April 26–28); Anderson, Indiana (June 21–23); and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (September 27–29). We’re excited to announce that the leadership for this year’s regional conventions has been named.

steve_arterburn_FORWEBSteve Arterburn, Reggie McNeal, Arnetta McNeese Bailey, Milton Grannum, and Jim Lyon bring abundant ministry and leadership experience, insights, wisdom, and wit to each regional convention. You know Steve Arterburn—bestselling author, radio and TV host, and speaker. You’ve heard author and speaker Reggie McNeal challenge the Church of God at previous McNealphoto_FORWEBconventions, and you’re ready to hear from him again. Arnetta Bailey is not only a familiar face, but a personal friend to many. Milton Grannum’s wisdom and God-given talent has been evident to countless individuals across the movement. Two of these leaders are especially honored to reveal why they’re excited for how God will move at the regional conventions this year.

Milton_Grannum_profile_FORWEB“Much of the pain, change, and transition with which the whole world was pregnant is now being delivered in 2016,” Milton Grannum explains. “The Church of God exists within the context of both human and divine realities. As such, God seeks to make us a powerful instrument for spiritual change in people’s lives. I believe that our leadership, our anointing, our programming, and our many camp meetings and regional conventions will make a significant impact toward fulfilling God’s purpose for our movement and for us as Christians this year.”

Bailey_FORWEBArnetta Bailey says, “I love the Church of God, and I am privileged to serve the church as a leader with Christian Women Connection. I believe the regional meetings will present an opportunity for the ministry to connect with a broader audience and reinforce the partnership between CWC and Church of God Ministries. My prayer is that the regional conventions will be a time of renewal and re-engagement for the Church of God and, most of all, that God will be glorified in these sacred gatherings.”

We’re also blessed to announce that Alanna Story will once again offer powerful and effective worship leadership for the Church of God at each location. So whether you join us in the East, in the Midwest, or on the West Coast, plan to be a part of one of the life-changing regional conventions of 2016! To register and to learn more about each member of the leadership team, visit www.chogconvention.org.

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