Spanish-Language Publication Celebrates 75 Years of Gospel Publishing

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By David Miller

This year marks the diamond anniversary for La Trompeta, the official publication of the Church of God in Spanish-language countries. The magazine celebrates its 75th birthday in 2023.

The first issue was published in December 1948 in San Antonio, Texas, with Ellsworth Palmer as editor. As the Church of God expanded throughout Latin America, the headquarters of the publication moved to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, and Bolivia.

Precursors of La Trompeta magazine appeared as early as 1891. Pioneering missionary Benjamin F. Elliot wrote and distributed modest publications in Spanish with a view to disseminate the founding truths of the Church of God movement. In 1921, Olaf Bertelson of Los Angeles, California, briefly edited a newsletter called The Apostolic Truth.

La Trompeta derives its name from The Gospel Trumpet, the holiness journal Daniel S. Warner launched in 1879. The Gospel Trumpet made a major impact in spreading the message of salvation, holiness, and unity throughout the world.

Over the years, North American partners have helped underwrite Spanish-language media published by Editorial La Trompeta. While serving as editor-in-chief of Warner Press, the late Dr. Arlo F. Newell established a literature endowment fund with a vision to provide books study materials and other printed resources to Latin Americans. More recently, La Trompeta has enjoyed the consistent support of several churches across the United States.

La Trompeta magazine has circulated in more than twenty countries of the Americas and Europe. In recent years, profound changes in the media industry have seriously hampered distribution of the printed magazine. In response to this challenge, current editors David Luchini of Argentina, René Christie of Panama, and Ernesto González of Argentina maintain a virtual version of the publication at

Maurice Caldwell

The following is a list of editors who have directed the ministry of La Trompeta during its 75 years:

Ellsworth Palmer, 1948–1950
Annie Tafolla, 1950–1954
Maurice Caldwell, 1954–1972
Evaristo Carver, 1972–1979
Roberto Peón Oliva, 1980–1983
Arturo Schultz, 1983–1987
David Miller, 1987–2001
Jorge Restrepo, 2001–2002
Eduardo Sptizer, 2002–2014
Omar Borke 2015–2017
David Luchini 2019–present

Article written by David Miller with reporting by Tamara Caldwell Magers.

Learn more about the international ministries of the Church of God, including throughout Latin America, at

Feature (top) photo: B. F. Elliot (left), January 2023 cover of La Trompeta (right).

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