Socks for Springfield: Oregon Church’s Collection for Homeless Distributes Hope

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By Carl Stagner

To those living on the street, socks are a commodity. With that in mind, and in search of a meaningful way to help their homeless neighbors, Pastor Jason Mitchell and Springfield Church of God in Springfield, Oregon, organized a sock drive with a goal to collect 300 pairs early this year. Amid winter’s chill, the church’s generous response to the need prompted them to double their goal. Within reach of 600 pairs of new socks for Springfield, the congregation celebrates just the beginning of what is anticipated to be an important shift in the way they do ministry and missions.

Explaining the motivation behind the effort, Pastor Jason says it was completely intentional. “This last fall our church leadership council decided to shift how we are doing missions at Springfield Church of God,” he says. “We want to intentionally find ways to be in our community and share Christ’s love. We decided that we would move to a quarterly mission focus and allow our congregation the opportunity to invest in four missions locally. Our first quarter is an outreach to the homeless in our area. Some years this may be more hands-on in engaging with those who are homeless, but in the beginning, we decided to do a sock drive. Socks are a cherished resource for those living on the street, so we felt it would be easy to ask for donations and bless those in need.”


Jason Mitchell

The sock drive began in early February and will conclude at the end of March, but the experience so far has been unifying for the congregation. Besides celebrating the new, higher goal, they look forward to opportunities to partner with existing local organizations going forward.

“I have spoken with the Eugene Mission about partnering with them to see these distributed to those in need,” Jason explains. “My hope is this will begin a partnership with the mission that we can see develop over the years as they have been a faithful presence in our community.”

Sock drive promo prior to the goal increase!

Ultimately, the goal isn’t just to help the homeless and distribute hope; it is also to cultivate within the Oregon congregation a missional framework and zeal.

“I love seeing the generosity of the people of Springfield Church of God!” Pastor Jason exclaims. “They have been so awesome to selflessly give of their resources to help bless others outside the church. I hope that a sock drive for the homeless will help remind us of the needs in our city and that we can be used by Jesus to help meet even basic needs, such as socks. I also am hopeful that people will be able to see that even a small sacrifice, such as buying a few pairs of socks, can be used to show Christ’s love to others. Lastly, there is always a hope that these events, when we are working together toward a goal, will continue to unify the body of Christ in our pursuit of him and the mission He has called us to.”

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