SLIs Equip a New Generation of Leaders

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The vision of North American Youth Ministries is to be a catalyst in raising up a new generation of Christ-centered leaders. One of the strategies used to empower these young leaders is to support the various Student Leadership Institutes that are currently in place.

SLIs are focused on training and equipping student leaders for a higher level of service in ministry. These events are designed for the cream of the crop, for students who are highly gifted in leadership areas. Many students who participate have expressed a call to ministry, and others are extraordinary student leaders who desire to develop their potential and discover how God has uniquely gifted them to serve.

Several SLIs are currently active in the United States. Some have been in place for more than ten years, and others are just beginning. Here is some basic info about each program:

Michigan: MSLI (Michigan Student Leadership Institute) is held in November each year. It is a two-day event with a 3-year training course. Go to www.choginmi.org for more information.

Illinois: Youth Leadership Summit is held in February each year. It is a two-day event with a 3-year training course. Go to www.ilcog.org for more

Florida: FYLI (Florida Youth Leadership Institute) is relaunching their event in May of this year. For more information, contact Bayside Church of God in Safety Harbor at chip@baysidechurch.net.

Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky/West Virginia: 3SLI (Tri-level Student Leadership Institute) is held in September each year. It is a three-day event with a 3-year training course. Go to www.threesli.com for more information.

Missouri: MYLI (Missouri Youth Leadership Institute) was launched on March 16 of this year. For information about future events in Missouri, go to www.cogamo.org and click on Maximizing Ministries.

Don’t see your region listed here? Go to www.chogy.org and click on the SLI logo to download a manual with resources and information on how to start a Student Leadership Institute in your area!

Written by Tami Byrd who is a member of the Youth Ministry Team and the youth pastor at South Memorial Drive Church of God in New Castle, Indiana. She can be reached at tami@smdcog.org. She helps facilitate communication between STW and those on the field.

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