Simple Like Spaghetti: Ontario Outreach an Outflow of Outward Orientation

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By Carl Stagner

Ross Brown hasn’t been at the helm of the Canadian congregation very long, but he affirms the motivating factor behind many of their established ministries. Townsend Community Church in Townsend, Ontario—not far off the coast of Lake Erie—enjoys a rich history of Christ-centered labors of love for neighbors near and far. For Townsend Community Church, the quintessential spaghetti dinner, simple yet satisfying, continues to prove a useful tool in the hands of a church ready to reach others with the gospel.

Like most tools, Pastor Ross sees opportunity for some sharpening; after all, a little refinement and a little more promotion can make a great outreach even better. Through the eyes of someone coming in from the outside, the relatively new lead pastor is poised to offer suggestions. But the fact remains that the disposition toward those outside the four walls of the congregation puts Townsend Community Church in a strong place to enhance and accelerate.

Ross Brown

“The motivation was certainly to invite the community,” Pastor Ross explains. And, though the weather suppressed turnout somewhat this year, momentum initially lost toward the community during the pandemic is beginning to pick up steam.”

“Townsend Community Church is in a very unique setting home to approximately 450 people,” Ross explains. “It is a community made up of a couple of small NGOs, residences, a retirement/nursing home facility, and our church!”

In a setting like that, it should come as no surprise that the church, featuring a multipurpose room, has taken on the feel of a community center. Utilized for basketball nights, floor hockey, and other community events, Townsend Community Church finds itself an integral part of their community. The church hosts a daycare, too. Pastor Ross is blessed to consider what has been accomplished already, but prays for even more intentionality surrounding the stewardship of the building and property for the betterment of the community.

The multipurpose space demonstrated.

“Our greatest strength is the people,” he concludes. “They are genuine, loving, and caring individuals and families who love God and love each other. That is so encouraging for me to see. As we turn that love for God and each other toward loving the lost in our community, we will see God’s hand move in ways we never thought possible.”

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Feature (top) photo: Worship at Townsend Community Church.

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