SHAPE E-newsletter First Edition

 In All Church of God, SHAPE

Welcome to the first edition of our new SHAPE e-newsletter!

As a current or former cluster participant you are receiving this newsletter as a means to keeping us connected and informed of the happenings of SHAPE throughout North America and to provide fresh insights into the ongoing ministry of SHAPE. We are glad you are (or have been) on the SHAPE journey! We are planning six issues for this year and look forward to sharing stories of life change as well as articles that inform and inspire. Let us know what is happening in your life as a result of your journey with one another in life and ministry.

It is a new year. It reminds us of the opportunity for new beginnings. New beginnings, they come whenever we make a commitment to move from where we are to embrace new goals, new endeavors, new challenges. We believe 2013 will be a year of tremendous opportunity for SHAPE to move in significant ways into new beginnings: new clusters, new initiatives, new resources, new opportunities to strengthen relationships and experience life transformation. I pray that 2013 will be rich with new beginnings for you, your family, and your congregation!

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