Second Regional Builds Upon Heritage of Host City

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By Carl Stagner

As the summer dawns in east-central Indiana, the corn and soybeans have sprouted, squirrels are scurrying across a college campus, and a Church of God situated conveniently off I-69 at Exit 226 is gearing up to host the second of three Regional Conferences this year. People from near and far are packing their bags and preparing to return to a city replete with history of the Church of God movement, a history stretching back to 1907. Yep, it’s “camp meeting” time in Anderson, Indiana, and though considered a “Regional Conference” in the year 2022, the occasion fast-approaching when the Church of God will gather for worship, connection, and renewal will build upon such rich history. It may not look like it did in the early 20th century, but next week’s lineup of speakers, schedule of pre-conference electives, and intentional design for reconnection and spiritual rejuvenation are certain to make a lasting impact.

The official first day of summer is June 21, and this year it’s also the first day of the Anderson Regional. Thankfully, the heat and humidity sometimes associated with the Midwest at this time of year will be no match for the heart and hospitality (and air-conditioning) of Madison Park Church of God. Pastor Heather Semple and the local family of God at the host church for the second Regional Conference of 2022 are excited to welcome guests from across the country and beyond for an incredible few days only the Holy Spirit can accurately predict and beautifully coordinate. But, considering the opportunities available—from agency luncheons to featured ministry receptions and breakout sessions—you’ll want to plan ahead to make the most of your Identity 2022 experience.

Recent worship service at Madison Park Church of God.

Though the Anderson Regional Conference officially commences with the opening session at 7:00 in the evening on Tuesday, June 21, the wide variety of pre-conference electives will draw conference attendees early in the day to Madison Park. Just before noon, luncheons will center on the themes of women in ministry, worship leading, youth ministry, and chaplain ministry. In the afternoon, electives include “Flourishing in Ministry,” “A Stuck Church in a Changing World,” and more. For exact times and more information, click here.

While in Anderson, many out-of-towners are also expected to linger longer to visit with family, catch up with friends, crisscross shaded valley at Anderson University, visit local Church of God congregations, and grab a bite to eat at iconic eateries like the Lemon Drop, Gene’s Root Beer, Frazier’s Dairy Maid, and Deluxe Donuts.

As have been introduced in CHOGnews exclusives over the past several months, featured speakers for the Anderson event include Carla Sunberg, Brian Bennett, Heather Semple, and Bob Rognlien. Panelists include Justin Brown, Abbie Craig, Ra’Lynn Kelley, Richard Smith, Jason Varner, and Nathan Willowby. Bring your Bibles and get your notepad and pen—or notes app and stylus—ready!

For details and registration for the Anderson Regional, as well as the Regional Conference in Orlando, Florida, in conjunction with the Church of God Women’s Convention this October, visit

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